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Amy North is a relationship coach and best-selling author from Vancouver, Canada.  She specializes in helping women from around the world find and keep the man of their dreams. Amy's acclaimed online programs, Text Chemistry and The Devotion System, have sold nearly 100,000 copies and are widely considered to be among the best and most comprehensive women's dating guides on the planet.

How Do You Tell If They’re “the One” for You?

When you were young, you were probably told that one day you’d find “the one” and the two of you would live happily ever after together. Now that you’re older, you realize there is more to finding “the one” than you thought there would be. Most people date all kinds of different partner before they[…]

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When Is It Time to Say Goodbye?

Everyone goes through highs and lows in a relationship, but there are times when things get out of our control and we stand there clueless, not sure whether to keep fighting for love, or say goodbye. It’s always easier to look back once the relationship is over and kick yourself for not leaving sooner than[…]

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What Are the Stages of a Romantic Relationship?

Romantic relationships are remarkable experiences that sweep us off our feet and make our hearts swell. Feelings of love may come out of thin air, however unlike in the movies, every relationship is unique and no one love is ever the same as the next. In fact, it’s likely that the relationships you have been[…]

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How Can I Prevent Cheating in My Marriage?

Hollywood likes to dazzle up the idea of infidelity for an obvious reason: sex sells. However, unlike what we see on the big screen, cheating and infidelity can happen in any marriage, and it’s impact doesn’t end when the credits roll. Sometimes affairs are for love, and other times, it’s just about the sex; some[…]

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What Compromises Should Married Couples Make?

We all love to have it our own way, but that’s not what marriage is about. When two individuals unite and form a bond in marriage, both partners come to the relationship with their own personal passions, ideals and opinions. In most relationships, give and take is needed from both sides in order to co-create[…]

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How Can I Make My Ex Chase Me?

Do you think the only way to get your ex back is by begging and pleading? Do you feel like your ex has complete control of the situation, and that you’re left lingering in the shadows, waiting for them to change their mind? If so, then think again! Believe it or not, the power doesn’t[…]

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How Can I Forgive My Ex?

We’ve all been hurt in a relationship, and when the damage caused is great enough to call it quits on love, working up the will to forgive your ex can be like trying to open a bolted vault door. However, as strange as it may sound, forgiveness has more to do with your happiness than[…]

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What Are The Top 10 “Relationship Wreckers”?

For a relationship to be healthy and thrive, the positives must outweigh the negatives. This may sound simple, but there are many different factors that can create unfavourable feelings or sabotaging behaviours. If you’re wondering what these relationship wreckers may be, here are the top 10 damaging causes. Lies and Betrayal Trust is the backbone[…]

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How Can I Tell If My Ex Still Thinks About Me?

Whether you broke hearts or had yours broken, anyone that has ever gone through a serious breakup has pondered the same timeless question: Does my ex still think about me? If you’re looking for the short answer to that question, it’s yes. If you want to know why and the signs to look out for,[…]

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How Important Is Communication In A Marriage?

When asked what makes a marriage, most people would say “two partners and a commitment.” While this is true, there are actually many different elements needed for a marriage to thrive. There’s loyalty and love, dedication and determination, and the willingness to support one another over the years. However, at the root of all these[…]

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