How Can I Be My Husband’s Best Friend?

People always say that happiness is marrying your best friend, and it’s true! But how is it possible to be your husband’s best friend?

When you’re best friends with your husband there’s endless perks. You can fight like cats and dogs, but you’ll never stay mad. You can playfully tease each other, while continuing to support, love and respect one another. It’s like you get the best of both worlds.

How To Be Your Husband’s Best Friend

If you’re looking to make your husband your bestie for keeps, then here are the top 10 things you can do.

Have Date Nights  

Before you get married, you dated all the time – in fact, it’s how you bonded and got to where you are today. As time passes and life moves on, you’ve probably realized that one-on-one time with your husband is absolutely necessary to stay connected.

When it comes to date nights don’t always leave it up to him to make plans.

Like you, your husband is busy with his own responsibilities. Instead, take charge every now and then and come up with something spectacular for you to do together.

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Even if you have kids, that shouldn’t stop you from going on dates and letting loose together. Arrange for a sitter or ask a nearby relative to watch them for the weekend. You should always make time to have fun together.

Surprise Him

Despite what men may say about hating surprises, that simply isn’t true. That said, unlike women they don’t necessarily like the big, dramatic gestures, but rather prefer small thoughtful treats.

Things as simply as picking up his favourite beer on your way home from work or grabbing wings for game night are perfect ways to surprise him.

Better yet, they’ll also make him realize how lucky he is to have you as his wife, and how cool and thoughtful you are to express your love in such sweet ways.

Remember, even the most simple surprises can bring your husband the most happiness.

Forgive Him

There will be times when your husband slips up, and when it happens, it’s important that you forgive him. Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be angry or express your feelings, but rather learn how to let it go and move on.

As your spouse’s best friend, you need to accept that mistakes are a part of life and aren’t worth holding a grudge over.

Married couples will often unjustly direct their frustrations at one another.  Remember this: you wouldn’t take out your anger on a friend, so don’t take your anger out on your husband.

Laugh with Him

Even if you’re stressed out with your job, busy with the baby or focused on getting the house cleaned, always make time to laugh with your husband.

Letting your guard down and being open to some playful banter and fun is an important part of being your husband’s friend.

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Laughing with your husband isn’t only intimate, but it’s memorable. Be playful together, silly and willing to make fun of yourself when you’re embarrassed.

Tell Him Your Secrets

A best friend is someone that you can share anything with; your secrets, dreams and desires. Share these things with your man.

Husbands and wives are meant to be open and honest with one another, but when you take it to a new level and share everything with him, you’re letting him know that he’s your friend and you trust him.

They don’t have to be juicy secrets either. Share everything from how your day went at work to if someone checked you out in the mall. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to increasing intimacy with anyone, especially your husband.

Support Him

When you were young, you felt like you had the world by it’s tail and anything was possible. Be the person who gives your husband those same positive feelings about their goals. Whether he wants to go back to school, pursue a new career, or try out for a pick-up league, be his number one cheerleader.

Let your husband know that you have his back and support what he does. Even if it’s just a matter of him going to the gym on a regular basis, encourage him to do the things he desires. He’ll appreciate you for it.  

Make Him Feel Loved

Although they may try and act manly, did you know that guys love hugs and kisses too? They may not admit it or try laughing it off, but they crave affection from their wives just as much as you do from him.

Every time your man walks in the door, give him a big hug, kiss and let him know he was missed. They want to come home to a wife who is excited to see them, not someone who is stressed out or nagging about their day. So, as tough as it may be, curb your negative thoughts and feelings and welcome him home.

If you want to reconnect with your spouse, start by loving him the best you can.

Share His Interests

What makes your husband excited? What is he passionate about? Whether it’s a sport team, band, political stance or video game, ask questions about his passions and get him talking. Giving him the chance to share his interests with you is special and he’ll see that you care about what he’s into.

When he starts to open up to you about his team’s new quarterback or how the latest GTA is different from the last,  don’t stare up at him blankly or distract yourself with your phone or laptop. Instead join in on the conversation. Even if you’re not particularly interested in what he’s saying, just embrace his enthusiasm. He’ll appreciate it.

Praise Him

Let me fill you in on a little secret: Men crave appreciation. Praising your husband when he does a good job on something will mean more to him than he’ll let on. So, whether it’s a high five for fixing the kitchen sink or a full blow speech on how great dinner is, let him know that you think he’s wonderful.

Even if you have been together for 30 years and he has heard you tell him time and again how incredible he is at the things he does well, keep telling him. That praise is very uplifting and encouraging – exactly the kind of things best friends do for each other.

Give Him Space

Even though you love spending time with him and enjoy when he tags along on your shopping trips, it’s important to give your man time to do his own “guy stuff,”… without any hassle or sulking from you.

Whether he enjoys retreating to his man cave to watch Sunday soccer, or reading quietly on the couch, let him be. As much as you make a great best friend to your husband, he does need time to hang out with himself or the guys.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’re being replaced, but that he just needs some man-time to breathe. Besides, if you’ve been doing the above, he’ll have many great stories about you to share.

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How Can I Be My Husband's Best Friend?

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