8 Texts To Make A Man Want You

Texting and dating go hand in hand these days. I’ve been studying the connection between women who have mastered texting and those in happy, healthy relationships and I’ve uncovered some simple text messages that make men go wild with desire. All you have to do is copy and paste.

Hi, I’m love coach Amy North. I’m here to help you find love and all it’s going to take is two thumbs and a reliable cell phone plan. Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

These texts aren’t some big secret. I guarantee you’re using at least one of these without even knowing. But if you can recognize when and where to use each and every one, you can make men chase after you wherever you go.

1. “I have to run, just about to hop in the shower”

Unsurprisingly, making men picture you naked is a great way to make them want you. Most guys will see what you’re doing with this text but it will only make them want you more.

Use this early on to catch his attention. It’s a bit of a flirt and run. It’s a great way to titillate without going too far. Always leave them wanting more!

2. “How do you know all this?”

If I know anything it’s that men love to share their knowledge with women.

The ancient desire to provide women with food and shelter has changed in the information age. Telling you about a movie they like or some current event activates the same part of their brain that bringing home a wooly mammoth used to.

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With this in mind, show him that his knowledge isn’t going unappreciated.

3. “You were amazing last night”

Remember that desire is a two-way street. He needs to know that he turns you on and that your time together leaves a lasting impact. This is a great way to compliment him early on without raising any red flags about moving too fast.

Show him that the feeling is mutual and that you can’t wait to get him into bed again.

4. “You always make me smile”

They’ll never admit it but men make so many of their decisions in hopes of making you smile.

Let him know it’s working and he’s going to want you more and more.

This creates a positive feedback loop that’s bound to draw the two of you closer together. This is because it activates the part of his brain that’s associated with excitement and desire.

5. “I was just looking through your Instagram and not gonna lie, you’re lookin’ fine”

This is a cute text to send at any stage of the relationship. I’ve seen women use this one to go from platonic friends to dating.

It’s about letting him know that you’re attracted to him in a silly, fun way.

This is pretty unabashed flirting but it’s not too serious so if he’s not interested he can just laugh it off. No harm no foul. It’s also a great text to send when you two are already seeing one another just to brighten up his day.

6. “How do you feel about…”

Texting doesn’t have to be shallow or simple. If you two are in a good rhythm, then asking him specific questions about his likes, dislikes and opinions will make him open up even more.

This shows him you truly care about what he thinks and feels which is so important to men. Opinion and judgment is something that men consider an important part of their personality moreso than women so showing him that you also care about it will help cement your bond.

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7. “You’re not like other guys”

Be careful with this one. It shouldn’t be a putdown to other guys but rather a compliment to him.

Chances are there are things about this guy that sets him apart, or why would you be dating him? Simply identify these aspects of his personality and shine a light on them.

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Men want to feel special just like women do and if you can make him feel special, he’ll be yours.

8. “How about we skip dinner tonight and do something naughty instead?”

Don’t just tell him you want him, show him you can’t keep your hands off him. Men don’t simply want sex, they want you to want it too.

This text shows that you’re not only horny, you’re low maintenance and you’re spontaneous. What could be better?

That about does it for today ladies. If any of this was helpful to you and you’d like more info, don’t forget to check out my free video presentation. I share a lot of info that you won’t find anywhere else.

8 Texts To Make A Man Want You

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