10 Ways to Survive the Holidays When You’re Single

Whether it’s the idea of couples cuddled by the fireplace, the hanging mistletoe or the his and her Christmas gift ads, there’s no doubt about it, the winter holidays can be tough when you’re single.

Before you have a meltdown or start questioning why you still haven’t found your Mr. Right, take a step back and breathe. Sure wallowing in self pity is one option you can explore this festive season, or you can decide to celebrate your single life with these tips and fun ideas for holiday survival.

1. Be Your Own Santa

Just because you’re not receiving romantic gifts from someone special it doesn’t mean you’re on the naughty list! While everyone else is spending hundreds on their significant others, take the money you’re not spending on a partner and treat yourself!

Whether you buy yourself a new gadget you’ve been eyeing, a nice necklace or cute dress, go ahead and splurge.

It’s the holidays after all, and you of all people deserve to be treated! Best of all, you not only get to choose your own gifts, but you also won’t have to worry about faking your love for any not-so-lovely presents you may have otherwise received.


2. Bring a Friend

A good friend shields you from your family’s questions and criticism, so find a single male friend and ask him to join you for your family’s holiday festivities. Not only will his presence mean that your family doesn’t prod as much, but if you really don’t feel like spending the holidays with your family you can always say you’re spending it with his.

If you don’t have any single male friends in your life then bring your bestie as a buffer. If your family already knows your gal pal then they may not hesitate to grill you, but at least you’ll have a friend to laugh about it with.


3. Hang with the Kids

If there’s any relatives that won’t bug you about being single at your age, it’s the kids. So this holiday season take some time to sit at the kids table and talk about all that’s exciting in their world.

Whether it’s the latest video game or playing duck-duck-goose around the Christmas tree, you can let go of your worries and enjoy the moment. If there aren’t any kids, then the family pet is also a nice, quiet companion.


4. Spike Your Eggnog

Being around family members over the holidays can be tough, especially when they’re constantly asking about your love life or making comments about shocking it is that someone as wonderful as yourself is manless.

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Lucky for you, nothing takes your mind off singledom like a nice festive drink. Whether you’re the hot tottie type, love your rum and eggnogs or are a wino at heart, use the holiday festivities as an excuse to have a few bevvies and leave the sulking about being single aside. To really help tune out unwanted pestering from nosey relatives, make it a double!


5. Plan a Girls Night

If you find yourself single over the holidays then round up your girlfriends and celebrate together. Even if half of them are in committed relationships it doesn’t mean they can’t make a little time for fabulous you! Every lady knows that sisters come before misters! Get the wine and cheese plates ready, drinking games set up and female power ballads in cue. You may even want to consider hosting a secret santa or booking a limo for a night on the town. Every girl loves turning to her girlfriends in times of need, and what better way to express your love and gratitude for one another than over the holidays.


6. Revel in Guilty Pleasures

While Christmas is often a time of compromise, lucky you won’t have to worry about putting up with your partner’s parties or preferences. Use the holiday season to indulge in the things that you like best about the season without worrying about anyone else’s inputs or judgements. Blast your Boney M Christmas album, decorate your apartment with tiny white lights (that you’ll probably leave up year round), bake your favourite Christmas cookies and watch Love Actually on repeat. What’s not to love about a little self-indulgence?


7. Give Back to Your Community

When the holidays have you feeling lonely and down, turn those feelings into love and grace by volunteering your time and giving back to your community.

Afraid to move on? Stuck in the past? Dealing with breakups and past trauma is always difficult but always worth it.  Seek professional treatment if you’re having trouble and do your best to be honest and open so you can move forward. Then, and only then, will you be ready to love again.

Why waste your time sulking when you could be putting in that time at a soup kitchen or a local animal shelter.

Nothing will make you feel better than knowing you are giving your energy and love to someone out there who needs it more in the world. Besides, when you feel good about what you’re doing nothing in the world can take those feelings away from you.


8. Travel

If you’re really hoping to avoid the big family ordeal then consider celebrating the holidays in another part of the world, far, far away from inquisitive relatives and small talk. Doing so will not only save your sanity, but it will also make everyone jealous of your single status.

If you’re hesitant of going alone find a single friend to join you, sign up for a group travel or visit a friend who lives someplace else. Since Christmas is an off season for vacation destinations you should be able to find a good deal online, or talk to a local travel agent.

Who knows what kind of stories you could have to start the new year off!


9. Kickstart Your New Year’s Resolutions

So many of us use the new year as an excuse to change our ways, but if you have some goals in mind, then why not get a head start on your plans. Instead of waiting for January to roll around, make the changes you’ve been planning to make over the holidays.

For instance, if you plan on reading 100 books in the new year, then start picking them out.

If, like so many others, you have some weight loss goals in mind, then hit the gym early. The fact that most gyms offer discounted memberships in December is an added bonus.



10. Be Proud of Your Singledom

Too many people look at singledom as a curse. Don’t be one of those people. Instead, choose to celebrate your single life as you see fit.

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Make a point in laughing at all the little annoyances couples have to deal with, and joke about how great it is that you don’t have to put up with someone else’s family as well as your own. Rewrite “Jingle Bell Rock” and change the words to “Single Life Rocks.”

Carol it at the top of your lungs to crack yourself up. Remember, if you’re cool with being single right now then you’ve got nothing to worry about.


10 Ways to Survive the Holidays When You’re Single

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