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The Real Reason You’re Attracted To Unavailable Men (Make Them Commit)

Do you keep ending up with guys who can’t give you what you need? Why are the unavailable men the ones you attract and how can you break this cycle and make them commit?

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5 Flirty Texts To Drive Him Wild

Trying to flirt with a guy over text but don’t know what to say? Here are five texts to copy and paste that will make his heart beat faster when he thinks about you.

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How To Make Him Feel Intense Love and Desire For You

When you find yourself smitten, it can be hard to get the guy you’re into off your mind. From daydreaming about your future together, to reminiscing about the last date you went on, he may be monopolizing all of your thoughts. How can you do the same to him? How can you get your man[…]

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