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Amy North is a relationship coach and best-selling author from Vancouver, Canada.  She specializes in helping women from around the world find and keep the man of their dreams. Amy's acclaimed online programs, Text Chemistry and The Devotion System, have sold nearly 100,000 copies and are widely considered to be among the best and most comprehensive women's dating guides on the planet.

Lessons to Learn from a Lover’s Lies

When you find out your lover is or has been lying to you, there aren’t many feelings that come close to compare. It’s the kind of hurt that shakes up your whole world, and has you questioning everything you once believed as true. Did he mean it when he said he loved you? Did you ever[…]

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10 Alternative Valentine’s Day Ideas For Him

Valentines has always been about expensive dinners, fine jewellery and chocolates, and while that can be nice, it’s fun to switch things up every now and then. If you’re looking to switch gears this V-day then here are some fresh ideas to consider. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been with your man for three months[…]

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7 Sneaky Signs of An Unhealthy Relationship

You think you got it all in your relationship, but then it hits you. Your boyfriend isn’t the sweet loving person you thought he was, he’s a master manipulator. All this time you’ve been falling for his tricks, but your senses have peaked and you’re realizing that he’s been sneaking past your defences the whole[…]

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Top 10 Places to Meet a Man

Looking for somewhere to meet a man? Where do all the good guys hang out? Here are the top ten spots to meet the one.

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Ready to Love Again?

So you’ve reached the light at the end of the tunnel, the storm is over and you survived. You never thought you’d recover but you’re strangely feeling ready to test the waters again. If you’ve been putting love on the back burner and aren’t sure when to get back on the dating scene, here are[…]

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Signs Your Man ISN’T Ready to Commit

Wondering if he’ll stay? Here are the signs that a man is not ready to commit. If he’s sending these signals, he’s here for a good time, not a long time.

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How Can I Stop Sabotaging My Relationship?

Do all your relationships end the same way? Worried you’re sabotaging your relationships? Here’s how to stop the sabotage and create love that lasts.

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10 Ways to Survive the Holidays When You’re Single

The holidays are stressful enough without your relatives getting on your case about being single. Here’s how to survive the holidays as a single person.

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Why Is My Boyfriend Losing Interest In Me?

Has the spark gone out? Here is the reason that your boyfriend is losing interest in you and how to get it back.

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What Are My Man’s Secret Thoughts?

Wish you could read your man’s mind? Wondering what he’s keeping to himself? Here’s what your man thinks but would never say out loud.

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