10 Things Men Find Irresistibly Attractive

Have you ever noticed that there are certain women who attract men like magnets? In order to find your dream man it’s important that you stand out from the rest, which means that you need to know the things men find irresistible.

Here are the top 10.


No one likes a Negative Nicole or Debbie Downer, and this is especially true when it comes to dating. Men find women who are positive and pleasant attractive because they want to be with someone who makes them feel good and is fun to be around. Just as you wouldn’t want to date someone who’s constantly complaining or down on life, your organic positivity is a real catch for men. A woman who can laugh at herself and brighten a man’s day whenever he sees or thinks of her; that’s the kind of gal any guy wants to be with.


So many women make the mistake of revealing too much, too soon. The problem with that is it leaves little to be discovered. Since men are hardwired for a challenge, making him work to get to know you will keep him interested. When a woman knows how to stay mysterious to her man he’ll see her at irresistible.

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ConfidenceConfidence is without doubt, the sexiest thing any woman can wear. Women who are comfortable in their own skin and know their self value are unbelievably attractive to men, which is why it’s no surprise that confident women are noticeable. They stand out. They have a certain air about them that makes men want to get to know them. They’re intriguing and have a sense of ease. Since confidence women know what they want and how to ask for it, this quality can be quite the turn on in the bedroom, which brings me to my next point…

Sexually Adventurous

Now this doesn’t mean you need to be the Kama Sutra Queen, but rather that you’re open to trying new things. Men love a woman who is open minded and when it comes to having this kind of mentality in the sack, they’re even more captivated.  Even if what he has in mind isn’t your cup of tea, try it (as long as you’re comfortable) because who knows, you may enjoy it more than you expected.

A Good Listener

They may not always be the best listeners, but men find women who listen to them absolutely irresistible! Since many men were raised to hold in their emotions, they want a woman who they can spill their soul out to. Before he will do so, however, he needs to know that you will listen. Opening up to you is a big vulnerability, and that’s something many men don’t take lightly. Show him that you care about what he has to say and he’ll be drawn to you like a moth to a flame.


YouthfulnessIt’s a fact that men universally desire youthfulness in a woman. At the same time, so many women interpret “youthfulness” as being young, physically. The key their missing is that age doesn’t matter; youthfulness is an attitude, not a number. It’s about having a sense of innocence and childlike wonder for the world. It’s about letting your hair down and running wild with life. It’s about happiness, love and adventure, and it stimulates men on a subconscious level. Since many women become burnt out by their daily obligations (work, school, kids, etc.), it can be tough to find an accomplished woman who hasn’t lost her inner energy. Men can sense when a woman has kept fresh and avoided the weight of the world, which is a highly attractive trait to possess.


Men find intelligence sexy, so forget what you know about the “cute ditsy” act or being foolishly immature. There is something so attractive about women who are witty, well educated, thoughtful and can hold their own in any conversation – this doesn’t necessarily mean book smart or academic knowledge, but rather wisdom, sense of humour, emotional intelligence, etc. For many reasons smart females will dumb down their intelligence around men (to let him feel superior, to be funny or childish), but believe it or not, men like a challenge. Showing your bold, beautiful brains is an irresistible charm, and even though he might not tell you that he’s attracted to your smarts, letting him see your intelligence is a key way to catch him.  


Most men enjoy independence in a woman, but men also secretly like to feel taken care of as well. Since the beginning of time women have been seen as the nurturing, motherly type, which is why no matter how strong, independent and masculine he is, all men love to be nurtured and even babied at times. Showing him that you can be a nurturer lets him know that he can drop his guard around you and that it’s okay and safe to need you. You can be vulnerable and show him that you need him, but you also can take care of him.

Self Care

Self-careJust as woman appreciate and are attracted to men that take care of themselves, men also like a well groomed woman. From hair and makeup to a flattering outfit and smooth skin, these are some of the more superficial things men love in a woman. That said, most men are not looking for a super model, they just want you to care about your presentation. Don’t get tricked into thinking that external beauty is everything though, it’s not. Taking care of yourself mentally and spiritually is also important. When your mind is at ease and your connection to yourself strong and loving, men will realize that you’re the complete package.


This is a big one yet so many women fall short when it comes to having integrity. Standing up for yourself and holding onto your beliefs is a trait men find irresistibly attractive. It shows him that you know who you are, and that you’re comfortable with yourself. Most men want to be a woman who has a set of core values and sticks to them 99 percent of the time. When a man realizes that you can be swayed from your values, he will feel a lack of trust in you. A woman who has real values and sticks up for herself is like an irresistibly attractive beacon of light to men.


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