What to Wear On a First Date

Getting ready for a first date can be nerve-racking. From choosing what to wear, to doing your hair and makeup, the preparation is an art!

Here’s What To Wear On A First Date

To help simplify this daunting task, here are five tips to keep in mind when choosing a first date outfit.

1. Be Comfortable

When choosing clothes for your date, make sure they fit well. Sure, wearing something skin tight might get him drooling over you, but if you’re worrying about sucking in or pulling at the fabrics for breathing room, then he’ll be able to read your discomfort from miles away.

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Since first dates are uncomfortable enough as is, don’t let your outfit add to this discomfort. Wearing something you’re comfortable in will keep you present on your date, and will allow you to enjoy yourself without worrying about your appearance.

2. Dress for the Occasion

You may think, “First date! I need to look amazing!” but if you wear a little black dress to a grungy pub or a matinee movie, you’re going to look out of place. Instead, dress for the occasion and wear something that looks good and keeps you feeling cool and confident.

For instance, if you’re going to the beach then a sundress dress or cute shorts with a fringed shirt would be adorable. Or, if you’re going to a cocktail bar then you may want to step your game up with a nice red dress or black pencil skirt.

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If you’re unfamiliar with the place you’re going then do some research beforehand to get an idea of the atmosphere. After all, you don’t want to think you’re going to a elegant lounge only to find out it’s actually a sports bar.

3. Dress to Express

Don’t worry about what’s fashionable or trending, wear whatever makes you feel and look good! In other words, be yourself.

If you never wear lipstick then now isn’t the time to start. If heels aren’t your thing, don’t feel pressured to wear them. Of course you’ll want to look stylish and presentable, but if you’re looking to win your date over then you need to show him your true colours.

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Sure, dressing like a preppy princess is fine… if that’s your style. However, if you’re more of a bohemian queen then don’t be afraid to wear funky patterns and exotic textiles.

4. Show Your Best Bits

If you’re wearing a low cut top then cover your legs. If your legs are showing then hide your cleavage. There is no reason to reveal all on a first date, so pick one asset and let it be the focus.

This isn’t to say you have to show skin, but rather if you’re planning to then limit your exposure to one area of your body. By showing everything, you’re sending the signal that you’re the kind of girl he might want to have sex with, but not the kind he wants to seriously date.

By leaving the rest to his imagination you’ll keep him thinking about you long after the date has ended, and it’ll also avoid the possibility of him assuming you dress provocatively to get attention from men. Remember, this is a first date, so he probably doesn’t know much about you yet.

If you choose to cover up completely then make sure your outfit has a focal point. For instance, you could accessorize with a stylish belt to emphasize your waist, or wear a statement necklace to draw attention to your neck. A focal point will prevent you from going over board with your outfit.

Also keep in mind that the guy you’re going out with doesn’t want every other dude in the bar or restaurant looking at you, so don’t wear anything too bold. If you do everyone will be gawking in your direction, and no man wants to feel that sort of attention on a first date.

5. Plan a Back Up Outfit

Not only is it important to give yourself enough time to get ready, but it’s equally as important to have a backup plan for it disaster strikes! After all, you don’t want to be running out the door to find your nylons have a run in them, or drip toothpaste on your shirt as you’re getting ready.

Always give yourself an extra half an hour leeway when getting ready; that buffer zone can save your butt. Choose your outfit the night before, and throw together a second choice just in case. When you do, be sure to go the extra mile and put together your backup accessories, too!

What to Wear On a First Date

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