5 RED FLAGS In a New Relationship

When you become smitten with someone it can be easy to overlook all the startling signs that the guy you’re with isn’t right for you.

To help keep your love life in line, here are five red flags to look for in a new relationship.

1. He’s Controlling

You say you’re going out with the girls and he gives you a hard time. You decide to have a quiet night in and he gets upset. If the man you’re seeing is trying to call the shots or keeping you on a short lead then that’s a huge red flag.

The tough thing with this is that you might not notice his controlling tendencies right away, or may mistaken them for him being a gentleman. However, if you notice he’s jealous of your other relationships, or if he feels the need to decide where you go and who you spend your time with, then your relationship is bound to end in disaster.

Rather than investing your time and energy into him, take the hint and get out. After all, you should always choose yourself over a toxic partner.

2. He Knows More Than You’ve Shared

Let’s say you’re out to dinner with your guy and you share a story about something that happened at work. Before you finish the story he’s throwing around names of your co-workers and asking detailed questions about these people who you’ve never spoken about with him before.

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If the man you’re seeing knows more about your life than you’ve shared, then it’s safe to assume he’s been snooping – for instance, he may have creeped your Facebook friends or taken a peek in your phone. Simply put, if you guy knows more than you’ve shared then beware.

3. He Constantly Shows Up Unexpectedly

Once in awhile it’s cute to surprise the person you’re seeing with an unexpected visit, but if your guy is constantly showing up unannounced then this may be a bigger issue.

If your guy is borderline stalking you that’s a huge sign of some deep rooted issues. Again, it can be easy to mistake these actions for flattery, but it’s important not to confuse the two. A key part of being in a loving relationship with someone is trusting them enough to be their own person. If your man can’t then neither should you.

4. Your Friends Don’t Like Him

If you’re having doubts, looking to your friends is one of my best relationship tips.

Just because you’re blinded by infatuation it doesn’t mean your pals are, which is why their judgement can be helpful when it comes to your relationships.

If the majority of your friends don’t get along with the guy you’re seeing, or they have nothing good to say about him, take note. Sometimes it’s a matter of clashing personalities or brief introductions, but remember, your friends can often see when trouble is brewing long before you’ll clue in.

On the other hand, if your new guy is constantly making excuses not to spend time with your friends or is questioning your relationships then something is up. Don’t ignore these seemingly light comments or you’ll be dealing with a much bigger issues as time passes.

5. His Stories Change

He tells you that he’s going to the gym then later he mentions how it’s been months since his last work out.

He says he had a quiet night but you see his Instagram is full of photos from the bar.

If you can’t trust a man, you’ll have no idea whether or not you’re being lied to.

If your guy’s stories are constantly changing then alarm bells should be ringing. Honesty is key in any relationship, and if you can’t trust your partner then there’s no point in working to keep the relationship alive.

5 RED FLAGS In a New Relationship

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