5 Flirty Texts To Drive Him Wild


Texting isn’t easy.

Even the most charismatic guys can sometimes text like a brick wall. Even if they like you, they’re not always great at communicating in that way and the conversation can grind to a halt leaving you wondering what to say next.

There are plenty of guys out there that couldn’t pick up a signal with a satellite dish. And how can you flirt when you can’t smile, touch his arm, or bat your eyelashes at him?

I’ve put together some texts that you can copy and paste that will get even the densest guys to wake up and notice you.

#1 The Teasing Text

Teasing is a great way to create some tension in your texting. Seduction requires a bit of back and forth so being super direct isn’t always the best move.

You want to keep the conversation going by keeping him on his toes about whether or not you’re into him. That’s why teasing can be a great tool in your arsenal.

This is a response for when he tells you something about himself that is neither good nor necessarily bad. Say, he’s a fan of a particular sports team. He likes beer over wine. He does crossfit.

Whatever he shares, you reply with “That’s why we could never date”

For example:

“Oh you’re a Toronto Maple Leafs fan? That’s why we could never date.”

This is a playful way to subconsciously introduce the idea of dating. But make sure it’s something that isn’t a negative.

If he opens up to you about his parent’s divorce and you say “that’s why we could never date” you’re going to be staring at a blank screen.

Another way to word this is “I’m so out of your league.”

For example:
“You’ve never seen Space Jam? I knew I was out of your league.”

See how it can be playful and fun while still moving the relationship forward? This will also put him into a state of competition where he’ll be trying to prove himself to you without realizing it.

It may seem like a rejection but if done right it won’t feel that way. If you’re worried about him taking it seriously, consider including a winking emoji to show him that you’re messing around. If you play your cards right, he just might fall in love with you.

#2 The Compliment Text

This is a great copy and paste text that’s a little cheeky and will boost him up while also making you look confident.

You open with

“I think we’ll get along. I like a man with good taste and I can tell you have it.”

When he asks the obvious question: “how can you tell I have good taste?”

You send back, “Because you’re texting me”

This text works because it shows that you have a sense of humour, that you’re sure of yourself, and that you think he’s interested and you’re open to it without being too obvious about it.

#3 The Challenging Text

Pick something you know he’s good at. Many men are competitive and have a game, skill, or hobby that they excel at. Figure out your guy’s interest and fill in the blank on the following text.

“You seem to be pretty good at ‘blank’ but you’ve never faced me”

For example: “You seem pretty good at darts, but you’ve never faced me.”

The power of this text is that it suggests the idea of you two spending time together in real life but it’s also a joke so it’s not too confrontational and still gives him the upper hand.

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Challenging him in something he’s good at is playful because it makes him feel like a big shot. Just don’t pick something you think you can actually beat him at. Save that for the second date.

Men thrive on competition and if you challenge them it will get their blood pumping and make them associate you with achievement and fun.

#4 The Quirky Question Text

This is one that works because it gets him thinking, it forces him to respond, and it surprises him. Being spontaneous and keeping him guessing is something that works well early on in a relationship.

If he thinks he knows exactly what you’re going to say next then he’s going to get bored.

Here are a couple examples:

“Where do you see yourself in five beers?”
“Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or a hundred duck sized horses?”

If these questions seem silly, it’s because they are. They’re designed to make him giggle and give him something to respond to.

Another one that you can use if you’re feeling more comfortable is

“What’s your favourite place to go when you’re feeling lost?”

This one works for the kind of guys who like self reflection. Artists, writers, and deep thinkers. This question requires the kind of guy who can be vulnerable so use with caution.

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But displaying the ability to be sensitive and open to exploring that side of things without judgment can be a real source of attraction for a real man.

The trick with these texts is that they invite an unexpected answer and will fuel conversation going forward while also making you seem interesting and interested in what he has to say.

That’s pretty powerful for a single text!

#5 The Name Text

This one is less of a copy and paste text but it’s a powerful trigger that will get him interested in you without realizing it. Use his name in a text.

This works because it’s something we rarely do in conversation and especially in text. This means it will catch his eye.

It instantly makes the conversation more personal and focused.

This can turn an ordinary text on its head and give him a little burst of good feelings without quite knowing why.

Be careful not to overuse his name though or it will lose its power and make him feel like he’s talking to a used car salesman.

5 Flirty Texts To Drive Him Wild

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