The Secret That Keeps a Man Interested

What’s the number one secret to keep a man interested in you? That’s a difficult question to answer because there are a TON of different things you can do, but if I had to boil it down to one tip it would be to use my “Cat String Concept” on him.

What is my Cat String Concept you ask? Well, it’s a psychological technique that I’ve developed over the last six years, and it’s sort of a concept that you might have heard of in the past.

Essentially it’s showing interest in him, and then pulling away, continuously. Remember, men are designed to love the chase; they never get bored of it. On the other hand, as soon as he feels like he’s got you, he loses interest…just like a cat!

Think about a cute, cuddly cat for a second. Now imagine that cat is chasing a piece of string. It fights tooth and nail just to grasp it in its paws. If you’ve ever watched a kitten do this, not only is it totally entertaining, but you’ll notice how motivated the cat is to catch the string. But what happens once the cat gets the piece of string? Something totally changes, right?

Suddenly, the cat isn’t so into the piece of string anymore. Once the string has been caught, it sort of becomes unemotional and saunters away. Now, I hate to draw this comparison to men, because after all, men are obviously not cats, but they go through the same psychological process as a cat and a string.

THIS Is How You Keep A Man Interested

Once a guy knows he’s got you and you’re never leaving, he’ll get bored of you. The sex will lose its spark and he’ll become colder and more distant. He may even ignore your texts and phone calls, and he may even prefer to hang out with his guy friends than you. Does this sound familiar to you? If so, nod your head; Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

So how DO you become that ever evading string that keeps that cat…er…guy…interested? Well, there’s a few things you can do to keep the chase alive (even when you’re in a relationship).

1. Don’t Spend Too Much Time with Him

That means that you need to have a life outside of your guy. Spend time on YOUR passions and YOUR interests. Spend time with just your friends, and do whatever you can to always try and stay busy.

Once your man feels like you’ve got a ton of other things going on, he’ll miss you and want to be with you more and more.

2. Learn to Say ‘No’

It’s really easy to say yes to that guy you like. After all, you want to spend time with him, right?

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But always saying yes is boring and it doesn’t keep the chase alive. So the next time he asks you out, don’t rush to say yes. Do yourself a favour and learn to say no every now and then to keep the chase alive!

3. Have Girls Only Nights

We all know that girl who just disappears once she has a boyfriend, and we all hate her for it. But what happens once her boyfriend breaks up with her? She comes crawling back! Don’t be that girl. Spending time with your girlfriends is not only healthy, but your man will also appreciate the time apart as well!

4. Let Him Do His Thing

If he wants to go out with the boys, do your best to act indifferent and let him. If you’re breathing fire down his neck for ignoring you and not spending time with you, you’re only sabotaging your relationship.

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Instead, let him wonder why you’re so liberal and willing to let him have his freedom… be that ‘cool girlfriend’ that every guy wants.

5. Learn to Be Independent

Whether it’s going to the grocery store alone or hitting the gym by yourself, show your man that you don’t need him for anything. It’s easy to let our guys do everything for us (and once in awhile, that’s okay too), but if he feels like he’s a slave in your relationship, then it’s probably not going to last.

The Secret That Keeps a Man Interested

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Amy North is a women's relationship coach and best-selling author from Vancouver, Canada. Her high-acclaimed programs include "Text Chemistry" and "The Devotion System", both of which have helped thousands of women from around the world find (and keep) the man of their dreams.

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  • Hi Amy,

    I’ve known this guy for four years and we’ve but heads on the commitment issue. He’s still contacting me. And recently he’s been chasing, like really chasing. He’s been texting me at different times of the day. I went out with some friends and he went to the place that I was and was staring at me and trying to approach me. Then he did it again on another occasion and he was even trying to talk to my friends just itching to get close to me. But then he tells me that he doesn’t want to commit. And that he “doesn’t feel that strongly” when his actions prove otherwise. What can I do?

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