3 Romantic Instincts You SHOULDN’T Ignore

When it comes to love, your body is no dummy. In fact, it tells you more than you may realize.

Have you ever noticed the way your body behaves in certain situations? Maybe you get that nervous ting when you encounter an unpleasant surprise, or perhaps you burst with energy after hearing good news.

The reason your body behaves in certain ways in certain situations is because of instinct. In other words, it’s your body’s “natural desire or tendency” to act that way.

So often we overlook the signals and messages that our instincts try to tell us, which is why when it comes to romance, listening to your intuition can get you further ahead than you may think.

To get you started, here are three romantic instincts you should never ignore.


Woman and man sitting side-by-side in an airport.Definition: “Luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for,” “An aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.”

Or as I prefer to call it, a positive happenstance.

Often times serendipity is overlooked, or thought of as a lucky break or fortunate coincidence. However, when it comes to looking for love, paying attention to these kind of situations can get you far.

For instance, let’s say that you decide to try a new coffee shop. When you get there you notice a man, by himself, reading one of your favourite books. You quickly catch eyes and it feels as though the stars have aligned. To break the ice between you, you casually comment on the book he’s reading. Then, before you know it the two of you are exchanging numbers and making plans for dinner next Tuesday.

See the serendipity here? 

Or another example would be discovering “love at first sight,” then running into the same man again and again. 

To catch this kind of serendipity, pay attention to your environment and those in it. If you meet someone and it feels like the right place and time, then it probably is.

Body Signals

Profile of woman's face.You go on a first date and feel the butterflies fluttering inside. He slightly grazes your back and you get goosebumps.


You meet a guy in a bar and get a bad feeling about him. He’s charming enough, but something is telling you he’s trouble.

These may seem like mundane signs, but believe me, they’re more noteworthy than you may think.

Learning how to trust your gut is important, especially when it comes to romance. Since your body’s response to situations is instant, it’s able to give you a reaction much quicker than say a conscious thought. So, while you may be standing there asking yourself if this new guy is a good or bad idea, your intuition already knows, and better yet, is trying to tell you!

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Woman looking thoughtfully into space.Do you have tendency to consider other people’s emotions? Can you look at a complete stranger and feel for them, or imagine what they are going through?

These are your instincts, that again, should not be ignored.

When it comes to romance, connecting with a man becomes much easier once you can understand his feelings.

Now, I’m not saying that you need to be a mind reader, but rather it’s about making sure that you’re giving him what he needs to feel content and comfortable around you. For example, if he’s pushing for space, give it to him. If he’s needing some extra love, be the one who’s there for him. When a man feels that sort of emotional connection with you he’ll want to keep you around.

Pay attention not only to your emotions, but also to the signals he sends you. This may not come naturally just yet, but when you open yourself up and become mindful of those around you, you can find love in even the most unlikely places.

3 Romantic Instincts You SHOULDN'T Ignore

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