How to Have Healthy Arguments with Your Man

When you’re in a relationship, you’re bound to have disagreements with your partner. What’s crucial is you do so in a constructive way so the two of you come out of the situation stronger and even more in love. That’s why learning how to have healthy arguments with your man is so important.

How To Argue In A Healthy Way

Since we all have our own styles when it comes to arguing, you and your guy may have totally different takes on voicing your thoughts and feelings.

For instance, you may be the kind of person who needs to get things off your chest as they happen, whereas he may be the kind who needs time to process the situation before talking about it. Knowing his style and approach when arguing is important, so keep it in mind as we cover these relationship tips.

1. Keep Your Ego Out of It

The most important thing to remember when having a dispute with your man is that you’re not there to hurt one another. That is why you should never go into an argument with your back up or in defence mode, because when you do the chances of you saying something hurtful increase.

Instead, remember that the person you are speaking to is the man you love, not your arch nemesis, and there is absolutely no need to approach the situation with an attitude.

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Strong communication skills can be helpful here, but what will really do wonders for your relationship is if you can learn to be patient and kind with your words. Listening to and doing your best to understand one another’s perspective will take you far, but doing so isn’t possible when you let your ego get in the way.

2. Express Your Emotions, Lovingly

If there’s one thing worse than being arrogant or brash in an argument, and it’s not voicing your opinion at all. Even if you don’t like confrontation, if you choose to avoid speaking up then sooner or later this plan will backfire.

Since relationships are about two people with different opinions coming together, if you’re not sharing yours then you’re not giving yourself to the relationship. In other words, unless you voice your opinions and feelings, you’ll never have a genuine connection with your man.

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Instead of keeping quiet, create a space where you and your partner can talk to one another openly and honestly. When you feel comfortable speaking up, your man will be able to better understand your feelings and perspective.

3. Drop the Drama

Despite what you see in the movies, there are consequences to being over the top and dramatic with your guy. Meaning if you’re going to rant and rave then it will seriously affect your relationship… and not in a good way.

If you want your partner to be comfortable communicating with you and to have constructive arguments then it’s important that you speak respectfully and remain calm. Screaming, swearing and belittling have no place in a healthy conversation and are an indicator that one or both of you isn’t ready for a relationship.

How to Have Healthy Arguments with Your Man

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