5 Simple Everyday Romantic Gestures

When we talk about romantic gestures, the same few ideas come up; candlelit dinners, handwritten love notes, thoughtful gifts for no-particular occasion. What we don’t talk about are the “unromantic-romantic” gestures we can do for the one we love.

Romantic Gestures To Try Today

Since the most romantic gestures are the unexpected ones, by adding a few of these ideas to your routine you’ll not only have your guy’s head spinning with surprise, but it’ll also deepen his love for you.

1. See the Movie He Wants

There’s no denying you and your man probably have different tastes when it comes to movies. That’s not to say you don’t both appreciate a good comedy or epic thriller, but rather along with your similarities, you also have your differences.

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One of the most unromantic-romantic gestures is to see the movie he wants. He’ll know you don’t really want to see if, but that you’re willing to do so for him. What makes this romantic is simply the fact that you’re putting his wants above your own.

2. Surprise Him with His Favourite Lunch

If you both work days then the chances of personally bringing his favourite sandwich on your lunch break isn’t the most realistic. Sure, delivery is an option for some places, but don’t sweat it if you can’t make this one happen — after all, there are three meals a day, so work with what you can!

If you can manage to surprise him with his favourite lunch then do so! He’ll not only appreciate you remembering what he likes, but he’ll be blown away by the fact that you took time out of your day to make him feel loved.

Opting for breakfast works too! Knowing how he likes his eggs cooked or the way he takes his coffee speaks volumes to your love for him. These little gestures mean more to a man than any candlelit meal.

3. Spend Time with His Loved Ones

Spending time with the people who mean the most to your man is incredibly unromantically-romantic. This could be his parents or siblings, friends or cousins.

Even though it doesn’t seem super romantic because you’re not doing it together, he will love that you’re treating those who are important to him kindly.

Bonus tip: If your man’s loved ones don’t live in the same city as you then make a point to call or message them every once in awhile. Something as simple as exchanging a text message with someone he adores will mean the world to him, and without saying, this will take you far with him.

4. Check Out His Interests

Whether this means giving his favourite video game a go, or watching the football highlights together, when you take the time to do the things your guy loves it screams romance.

Putting his interests first and trying new things with and for him speaks volumes to your feelings and commitment. Keep this up and  you’ll be his favourite person in no time.

5. Run Him a Bath

Whoever believes that baths are just for women is greatly mistaken. In fact, you’d be surprised how much men enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub. That’s why this is one of the most unromantic-romantic things you can do.

Don’t stop there though! Go the whole nine yards and be sure to include everything from candles and bubbles, to soothing music and wine. Creating a relaxing atmosphere for your guy to bask in after a long hard day will mean more to him then you’ll know. Just be sure to set the mood and leave him be. After all, this is for him, not you!

These fives gestures prove you understand your guy and care for him deeply. Sure, big gestures are nice too, but because those mentioned above are personalized and done without reason or expectation, it makes them just as powerful. It’s the simple things that builds a relationship and makes him feel an intense love for you.

5 Simple Everyday Romantic Gestures

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