5 Reasons He’ll Get Sick of You

You’re in a happy, loving relationship and all seems right in the world. But as time passes, you notice that your boyfriend, who was once overly affectionate and attentive, has started to get sick of you and slip away.

The bittersweet news, is that it’s probably your fault.

Believe it or not, there are certain things that us women do in relationships that cause our partners to get annoyed or frustrated or bored, and eventually pull away or leave all together.

1. You’re insecure

You’ve probably heard this a million times, but I’m going to say it again: men are attracted to confident women.

If you’re constantly complaining about your body, comparing yourself to other women, or putting other women down, then he’s without doubt going to get sick of listening to your insecurities.

The good news is this is a really easy fix. You simply have to stop with all of this negative talk and instead adopt a positive attitude.

Of course it can be tough to radiate confidence, especially if there are things about yourself that you’d like to change or wish were different.

BUT, here’s the thing. I’m willing to bet that when you and your man first got together, you weren’t acting or speaking insecurely, and it’s only since you’ve become comfortable with him that he’s seeing this side.

So go back to that same early-day mentality, and keep your words positive.

2. You’re clingy

It’s completely normal to want to spend all of your time with the guy who’s stolen your heart, but that doesn’t mean you should expect this.

Acting clingy, or getting upset or angry when your boyfriend wants to spend his time doing other things or with friends will not only make you look desperate, but it’ll also push him away.

If you show him that you have no life outside of the relationship then he’s going to feel pressured to keep you happy and entertained.

That’s a lot of pressure, and chances are he won’t stick around long enough to take on this nearly impossible task.

Instead of suffocating him, give him space to be his own person. You’ll be amazed by how happy and grateful he’ll feel to be givens space to do his own thing once in awhile.

Because this is something every guy wants in a relationship, it won’t go unnoticed.

If you’re interested in learning some easy but powerful tips for becoming your own women in a way that you boyfriend will not only not only notice, but also find extremely sexy, then check out my site and watch the video presentation.

3. You’re bossy

The way you and your boyfriend communicate is bound to change as you get to know one another better, and become more comfortable with each other.

Meaning the filter you have with your words in the early days will likely loosen and become more flexible over time.

While this can be a great thing, it’s also a dangerous one.

If your words go from kind and compromising, to demanding and aggressive then he’s going to get sick of your crappy attitude.

No boyfriend on this planet wants to feel like he’s spending time with an angry parent who’s constantly barking demands at him, or a spoiled brat who gets upset when she doesn’t get her own way.

Instead of being the one who calls all of the shots, or bossing him around, remember that you and you guy should be on level playing ground.

Don’t put yourself on a pedestal, and always keep your cool.

4. You’re straight up mean to him

Would you ever want to date someone who constantly put you down, told you that your ideas or ambitions were stupid or a waste of time, or who didn’t support you whatsoever?

The answer is no, absolutely not.

Well, guess what? Neither do men.

If you’re mean to your boyfriend, make him feel undesirable, unintelligent, unworthy, or unloved then he’s going to get sick of you.

What so many people fail to realize is that abuse comes in many different forms, and words hurt. If what you are saying isn’t kind then he will get sick of you and more than likely, leave for good.

Sure, playful teasing can be fun and may even add intimacy and closeness to your relationship, but be careful not to overdo it, and be sure he knows that you’re not serious.

A good rule to follow is this: before speaking ask yourself if what you’re about to say is true, necessary and kind. If it’s not at least two of those three, don’t say it.

5. You don’t like his friends

Expecting you to like every person your boyfriend associates with is one thing, but if you find a reason to dislike all of your man’s mates then he may get sick of you.

Here’s the thing. Most of your boyfriend’s friends were likely in his life before he ever started dating you. They know things about him that he wouldn’t dare tell you, and they want him to be happy.

If he suddenly disappears from their lives because the two of you are dating, or if they get the impression that you don’t like them or don’t want your guy around them then they’re not going to support his decision to be with you.

This might not bug your man at first, but as time passes he will start to miss his buds and may even blame you for his lacking social life.

Instead, make an effort to get to know the people he calls friends, and give them the benefit of the doubt. If you have a serious issue with one or two of them let you man in on it, but as for the petty stuff, let it go.

5 Reasons He'll Get Sick of You

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