Guys HATE These Three Emojis

Emojis. We use them, we love them, we can’t get enough.

But did you know that there are several emojis that guys hate? I’m going to tell you which emojis to avoid at all costs in just a minute. Plus, stick around for an emoji secret that can ruin a conversation without you ever knowing.

Emojis Are Important

Like it or not, emojis are part of texting in 2019. And that means the emojis you use can make or break your dating game. Don’t be afraid to emote to a guy you like. A survey found that 54% of emoji users get laid compared to 31% who don’t.

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Today I’m going to give you three emojis that guys hate, three they love and one emoji secret that almost no one knows that can kill a conversation without you even knowing why!

The three emojis that guys HATE

fire emoji peach emoji eggplant emoji

According to a study by Plenty of Fish, these are the emojis that guys can’t stand. And for obvious reasons. Eggplant and peach have come to represent certain body parts so if you use these you might be giving him the wrong idea. Save them for sexting.

Plus they’re corny and overdone. Just like the fire emoji, they’re totally played out. Unless you’re texting him about his mixtape, leave the fire alone.

I also tell people girls to avoid the heart emoji early on. Depending on how you use it it can be a bit intense. It’s not the same as saying “I love you” but some people see it that way. You might just throw it in for fun but he might not feel the same way.

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The emojis that guys DO like . . .

Guys HATE These Three Emojis

Kissy face =  “You’re sweet”

heart eyes emoji

Heart eyes =  “You look hot”

winking emoji

Winky face =    “I’m flirting with you, dummy”

Make sure you’re using these strategically but honestly, you can’t really go wrong with these three. Make them a part of your regular flirting routine and he’ll be out of your phone and into your arms before you know it.

Emojis Can Spice Up A Boring Conversation

And here are four more that I think you should work into your texts to keep them light and playful:

1. Arm flexing

flexed bicep emoji

There are plenty ways to use this one it can be like “you can do it” “you’re my hero” “stay strong”. I think it’s nice to mix it up beyond faces here and there.

2. Santa

santa claus emoji

That’s right, old saint nick himself. This one is mostly pretty funny depending on what time of year you use it. A random santa makes every text a little more silly. Plus, great for that holiday flirting. Mistletoe anyone?

3. Head massage

head massage emoji

This one I use to evoke a feeling of calm and chillness. Like “I’m just hanging out at home”. I can’t really explain it but it feels very sensual and intimate to me. Maybe it’s just me

4. Any one!

A random emoji can be a fun way to spice up a boring text. Sometimes you do have to reply something pretty boring but if you throw a random emoji at the end it can be a fun cute way to communicate. Just make sure it’s totally random and doesn’t look like it’s sending some message.

jockey emoji umbrella emoji rabbit face emoji red apple emoji


My big emoji secret is something that you probably never even considered. I had no idea until someone told me and it made me wonder how many people are making this same mistake and ruining a conversation through no fault of their own. It’s pretty crazy.

different emojis on different phones

Look at these three emojis. The first two are rolling their eyes while the third is smiling politely. But what if I told you they were the exact same emoji? That’s right. If you’re sending this emoji from Apple to Samsung it goes from “rolling your eyes” to “smiling politely” and vice versa!

So imagine this scenario. You’re texting a guy and he says “Let’s go get dinner on Friday.” and you say “That’s a great idea!” you follow it up with what you think is basically a happy face but what he gets is this little guy rolling his eyes. Now he thinks that you consider him worse than garbage. And you have no idea!

It works both ways too. Say you’re texting him “I’m at work and my ex is here” and he has a Samsung. Suddenly it looks like you’re telling him you’re ecstatic to see your ex. It’s dangerous territory.

This is because emojis are different depending on who makes your phone. Usually these differences are minor but for a few they decided to really flip the script. So if you have those green bubbles, be careful that what he’s seeing is the same thing that you’re sending.

Bonus Emoji Tip

Forget the angry emojis. Unless it’s super clear you’re making a joke, skip it. If you’re angry, don’t express it with a cute cartoon face.

no angry emojis

If you’re really upset about something, talk about it in person. Or just use caps lock and five hundred exclamation points.

Don’t forget to leave your favorite emoji in the comments below!

Guys HATE These Three Emojis

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