Devotion System Overview

After years of working one-on-one with women, I realized that most females face the same frustrating issues and have the same questions when it comes to romance. This got me thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a one-stop shop for all of the answers and solutions we need and want when it comes to love?” And thus, The Devotion System was born.

What is The Devotion System?

In my work as a relationship coach, I started to notice similar issues with most (if not all) of my clients.

The Devotion System offers solutions to those ever present love and relationship problems so many women face.

Simply put, it’s a system I developed to pass along my best relationship advice in a simple, easy to understand way. A complete guide to owning your love life through a series of foolproof steps.

Through this program I’ve been able to reach countless women around the globe! Some of whom, I’ll talk a bit more about soon! First though, let me tell you a bit about what’s covered in the program.

Because I know that shuffling through a heavy-duty program can be overwhelming and exhausting, I figured the best way to help you all achieve success was by breaking the program down into three simple sections, each with their own focus and purpose.

In Part One of The Devotion System we start with building the foundation for finding love and maintaining a healthy, happy relationship.

Believe it or not, that foundation is all about YOU – your feelings, perceptions, the works.

Here you’ll learn about my P.A.S.S. System: a process that will make you ready for love. I also share powerful secrets for becoming a dream woman, teach you how to get what YOU want in a relationship, and reveal what stands between you and prince charming.

You’ll learn all the tools you need to prepare yourself for finding your future lover.

In Part Two of The Devotion System we take an in depth look at the other sex.

That’s right, we dig deep and discover how men work, what they really want, what scares them and why they pull away…. And we tackle the other end of the spectrum too, and cover how to make men chase you, how to hook and seduce them, and explore the subconscious signals they send.

In fact, did you know there are AT LEAST 15 different types of men!? Well, you’ll learn all about them here, as well as the ones to avoid.

The sad truth is that most women haven’t the FAINTEST idea how the male brain ACTUALLY works! Since the goal is to stir up the types of emotions that will make him feel a deep desire for you, it’s important that you communicate with him in a way that he’ll actually understand and respond to.

After all, men and women communicate and process emotions extremely differently from one another, so knowing how to get through to him on this emotional level is crucial.

By the end of this section you’ll know exactly how to read a man’s mind and will be able to tell what he’s thinking just by reading his body language. You can imagine how helpful this is for winning him over.

In part three of The Devotion System we pull it all together.

By this point you’ll be ready for love, know what to look for in a man and the types of avoid, so this section gets you game ready.

From first date etiquette and what to text him, to when to sleep with a man, how to turn him on and his sexual hot spots, this section is gives you everything you need to not only nail it with him in the early days, but also what to say to keep him happily committed and monogamous, and what to do if he starts to pull away or loses interest.

A fan favourite, in this section you’ll learn what I call the “Cat String Concept,” which is a secret trick to not only make men chase you, but to keep them coming back for more and more!

This may sound like a lot to promise in one program, but truthfully, what I just talked about only scrapes the surface. Once you master the program you won’t have to worry about dealing with duds or the spark burning out just as quickly as it ignited because you’ll be a relationship queen!

Sure, maybe you’ll date around a bit before finding that “one” you want to keep for life, but when you use the secrets and tips on a man you’ll have him hooked on you.

Who Is This Program For?

I designed the Devotion System to work for any woman and every woman, whether they’re single, married, coupled up or alone by choice.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had your heart shattered into a million pieces in the past, or if you’ve been the one breaking hearts, The Devotion System will give you the tools you need to find and create deeper, more meaningful connections.

With these tools you can do what you please, but a word to the warning, don’t take them lightly because when used on a man you’ll have him desperate to be yours for the long run.

In fact, these tools will even work on your cold, distant partner or spouse, and on the man who dumped you. Why? Because they’re based on psychological tricks that will make him feel so strongly drawn and connected to you that he’ll swear to do and be better, and to never leave your side as long as you live.

Don’t believe me? Well, here are what women who have tried the program have to say.

Take for example Jessica. She contacted me after signing up for The Devotion System and said that once she gave a few of my texting techniques a try, and adopted what I call the Love Buzz Mindset, her entire reality changed.

See, Jess met an amazing guy about a year prior, but back then he wouldn’t give her the time of day. He said he wasn’t looking for a relationship and ignored her messages.

But, once she tried some of the secrets I share in the program he began calling and texting her out of the blue… asking HER out on a dates. She admitted she was skeptical at first, but now it’s a year later and the two are happily in love.

Or, another client of mine named Alice left me a voicemail a few months ago. On it she said that after being divorced for years and in her late 40s, she was sure the best of her dating days had gone by. She was depressed and felt like she’d never find love again.

Then she discovered The Devotion System. Feeling as though she had nothing to lose and everything to gain, she signed up and before she knew it, everything changed.

Alice said that gone are the days of feeling insecure or unworthy, and now she connects with men with confidence, and they’re lining up to meet her!

So now I have to ask you one question… are you ready to make men around you flirt with you and pursue you? Are you ready to find yourself a man that is the complete package, and have him fighting to be with you? And are you ready to have him commit and open himself up to you in ways you never thought possible?

Since you’re still here, I’m going to assume the answer is yes! The next step now is to watch the free full length video presentation on The Devotion System.

This could be the key to unlocking the romance you’ve been searching for, so don’t wait any longer.


Devotion System Overview

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Amy North is a women's relationship coach and best-selling author from Vancouver, Canada. Her high-acclaimed programs include "Text Chemistry" and "The Devotion System", both of which have helped thousands of women from around the world find (and keep) the man of their dreams.

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