How To Make Your Boyfriend Your Husband

If you’re hoping to tie the knot there are some key milestones you need to first meet. Follow these five easy steps and your boyfriend will be down on one knee, asking you to marry him.

1. Love Yourself

Now you may be thinking this sounds odd, I mean, you already got the guy, so why should you focus on yourself?

Well, believe it or not so many men stick around in relationships even if they know that they’re not going to marry that person. Maybe it’s for convenience or perhaps they just don’t have the heart to call it quits with their girlfriend. Despite how unfair this may seem or their reasons for doing so, it’s true that there needs to be a certain amount of admiration there if they’re going to marry you.

When I say admiration, I mean it in two ways. First, he needs to admire you, and second, he needs to know that you admire yourself. After all, if you don’t love you, then why should he?

So, how do you show your guy that you love yourself? The easiest way to do so is to have standards for yourself, a ceaseless sense of confidence and most of all, a source of happiness that isn’t him.

As much as you may think that your man loves being your knight in shining armour, he’s not there to fix you or fill a void. Sure he’ll support and protect you, but he needs to know that you are your own person.

Now this doesn’t mean you need to hide all your flaws, because let’s face it, if you’ve been dating for sometime then he’s going to know your vulnerabilities. Rather it means not depending on him to be your sole source of happiness and having your own life outside of the relationship. That’s step one in any healthy partnership.

2. Share An Emotional Connection

Not to be mistaken for depending on one another for approval and support, an emotional connection happens when you and your man have mutual feelings towards the same things. For example, this could mean having shared goals or realizing the beauty in simply holding hands as you stroll together. It’s about sharing similar morals and beliefs, seeing eye-to-eye, and behaving in a way that you know one another would be proud of, even when you’re not together.

It can be hard to pinpoint an exact moment or experience that will create this connection, but when you do you’ll feel an unspeakable sense of belonging and acceptance between you and your boyfriend. Once the two of you build this connection he will be more inclined to want to marry you.

3. Add Value to His Life

When you can be the reason your boyfriend laughs or smiles, or be the person he goes to for support or a comforting shoulder, then he’s going to want to keep you around. To make him realize that you bring value to his life there are a few key things you can do.

For starters, appreciate him. Men love being appreciated by their woman, so make a point to not only verbally thank him for all of the things he does, but also show him by taking the time to do thoughtful things for him. This doesn’t mean you have to bend over backwards or break the bank to let him know you think he’s swell, but something as simple as a home-cooked meal or a back rub before bed will really mean something to him. On the other hand, challenging him in a way that makes him want to be a better person and showing  genuine interest in his day will also get you far.

Simply put, by being your boyfriend’s best friend he’ll realize that the idea of life without you is unbearable, which in the long run will do wonders for getting him to marry you. After all, if he doesn’t, someone else could!

4. Trust Each Other

It shouldn’t bother you when your man goes for a night out on the town with his pals because you know that he’s with you and only you. This works both ways too, he should trust you to be your own person and faithful to him.

So many couples overlook this one and instead keep one another on a short lead. What I mean by this is that even though they say they trust one another, they still let their jealousy or worrying get in the way of their partner being their own person. So instead of you both experiencing your hearts desires, you don’t because you’re worried about upsetting one another – this is far from healthy.

Of course trust comes with time, but if you’re considering marrying your man then now is a good time to take a step back and evaluate the relationship. Unless you have endless trust for one another, you should be focusing on building it before jumping into marriage.

5. Be Open With One Another

Talking about the possibility of marriage in a causal, subtle way can do wonders for your relationship. Now again, I said subtly, so you don’t want to throw the “Would you marry me?” question at him — that puts him on the spot which isn’t fair, and it won’t necessarily give you a honest answer.

Instead find a way to bring marriage into the conversation and lightly ask if marriage is something he wants to experience in his lifetime. His reaction should give you a pretty good idea, and chances are he’ll ask you too.

Opening up communication between the two of you will take you far. After all, maybe he was too scared or shy to find out if marriage is something you want, or perhaps he assumes that you aren’t into that kind of thing. Who knows! The only way to make it known that you’d like to get married is to talk about it, so get chatting!

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